banker's draft

a draft drawn by a bank against funds deposited in another bank
Syn: ↑bank draft
Hypernyms: ↑draft, ↑bill of exchange, ↑order of payment

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Etymology: banker (II)
: a check or bill drawn by one bank against balances deposited with another

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banker's draft noun
A bill of exchange obtained from a bank by one of its customers, enabling the purchase of goods, etc by the presentation of the draft to the seller, the bank debiting the customer's account with that amount
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banker’s draft UK US noun [countable] [singular banker’s draft plural banker’s drafts]
a bank draft
Thesaurus: general words relating to bankinghyponym

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ˈbank draft [bank draft] (also ˈbanker's draft) noun
a cheque paid by a bank to another bank or to a particular person or organization

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